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National Junior Honor Society

Membership Requirements

Membership is based on high academic achievement and teacher recommendations. The induction for new members is usually held in April.
7th grade students who have a 90 or above average will receive a letter in February. They will need to fill out a Student Activity form and return it to Ms. Granier in room 218. Those students who meet the deadline for returning the activity letter will then move on to the next phase. In the second phase the teachers evaluate the student in the four areas: citizenship, service, leadership, and character.

Service Requirements

Members are required to complete a MINIMUM of three hours of service a month. This is an average so it is acceptable to get service hours in a lump (ten hours one month will cover a member for three months). Many members complete a large portion of their service during the summer, please feel free to do so. However, completion of the minimum is not an excuse for not continuing service throughout the year.

Complete the service record form located here.

This past year, we went to the Houston Food Bank on two different occasions. While these trips did not give members enough hours for their total obligation, they were a fun way to complete a portion of the member's service for the year.


First,  a quick overview of the induction process. Students are offered an invitation based on their grades. Should a student turn in their application, they are then put in the stack for consideration. All student’s names are emailed out to the teachers for review and comments. After those comments are collected and coordinated, a committee of about a half dozen teachers meets to review each student's name. We review the application, teacher comments, and discipline records for each student and have a discussion before voting on whether the student should be offered the final invitation. Keep in mind the five pillars of NJHS include service, scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship . Each candidate is reviewed against those ideals.  

1.  Do 7th graders have a harder time getting in?  Because of their inability to participate for a full year (complete service, etc) we no longer induct 8th graders, so 7th graders are the only ones who get in and there are no barriers put up based on their age or grade level.

 2. Is it a point system?  How many points qualifies for entry?  Do borderline kids get in at all?  There is not a specific point system but rather, I would say, the committee takes a holistic approach to each student. The mentality of the committee going in is to approve as many students as possible.  We are looking for kids to get in, rather than to exclude. In that context students who are “borderline” are given favorable treatment.

 3.  Is there an acceptance limit (no more than 100, etc) No, we will induct as many eligible candidates as we have. So it is not competitive in the sense that if one kid gets in another kid cannot.

 4. Are there any automatic things that will get you a rejection regardless? There is not a specific thing that would immediately exclude a candidate, however discipline issues are certainly something that work against a candidate.

 5.  Can a teacher pull a nomination that results in this letter? The decision is made by a committee whether to accept a candidate or not. It is a majority vote of the committee, so no one teacher would specifically be able to eliminate a single candidate.